miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

The Pulsebeats - "Fiction Non-Fiction" CD (Limited Edition in Gatefold Case) (AW013) SOLD OUT

1. What Can i Do?
2. Dead School Marching Band
3. Eyes On You
4. All i give
5. Carrie Anne
6. Baby Girl
7. The Man Without a Head
8. September Calendar Girl
9. Everybody wants some
10. The Ballad of Medecine Stu

All songs composed and arranged by The Pulsebeats. 
Produced and Mastered by Alex Pis at Drive Division. Santander.
Cover painting: Mar ortiz (Inspired Frame: Night on Earth).
Design by Mar Ortiz (www.pecasenlamirada.com).
Licenced Under Creative Commons (2016).

The Pulsebeats are:
Alex (Bass/Backing Vocals), Luis (Guitars), Nathan (Vocals/Guitars), Ral: Drums/Backing Vocals).

Mondo Sonoro (Interview) Spanish
Noche de Rock (Review) Spanish

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