domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016

Combo Koedijk - Doe Mij Dit Niet Aan! / Dat Leuke Ding van de Kruidenier 7" Black Vynil Single. Limited to 222 numbered copies. (AW015)

Action Weekend y Bickerton Records unen fuerzas de nuevo para ofrecerte el debut de la última sensación del beat holandés. Tras el nombre de Het Combo Koedijk se esconden Mark Ten Hoor (The No-Goods) y Alfred Nooij, con la colaboración de Peter Kroes (The Miracle Men, The Keefmen) y Arjan Spies (Mark & The Spies, The Kik), casi nada! A finales de año editarán su primer album en su país y como adelanto te ofrecemos dos temas exclusivos de su excelso repertorio para abrir apetito en ultralimitada edición de 222 copias.

Action Weekend & Bickerton Records new joint venture brings you the latest nederbiet sensation. 
Behind Het Combo Koedijk you will find Mark Ten Hoor (The No-Goods) and Alfred Nooij, with collaboration from Peter Kroes (The Miracle Men, The Keefmen) and Arjan Spies (Mark & The Spies, The Kik), wow, that's quite a cv!
They will release their first album in their country later this year but as a taster we are offering you now two exclusive non-album tracks in a very limited run of 222 copies only!..

Somewhere in the north of Holland, in the province of Drenthe lies a small haunted town by the name of Meppel. And in this doomed little town live two young men by the names of Mark the Beatle and Alfredo Nooijo, otherwise known as:

They spent their days drinking milk from the local cows, drinking beer at the local pub and singing songs in their local dialect about the local news, looking at girls, driving in Alfreds car, smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, listening to records and last but not least: the local transvestite.

Their sound is a unique combination of (Neder)beat, garage, punk, folk, German schlager music and a wholelotta typical Dutch pirate music.

Mark & Alfred are assisted by Peter Kroes (The Keefmen, No-Goods) on bass guitar and backing vocals and Arjan Spies (Mark & the Spies, The Kik) on drums and keyboards. And to top things of they changed their name to LOS Combo Koedijk especially for this Spanish release on Action Weekend Records and Bickerton Records! WHOOOWEEEE!!!!

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